A note for all the Dads

A note for all the Dads

Happy Fathers Day!

Becoming a Dad is one of the biggest events in your life, so today I want to say thank you to all the wonderful dads and dads-to-be who have such a big impact on their child's life.

You can start to connect with your baby from the day they are born. Bathing your baby, nappy changes and swaddling can be a great way to get to know your baby, and also allows your partner to have a break.

Having skin to skin contact with your baby also has lots of benefits. This involves placing your baby skin to skin on your chest, without any clothes on your baby or your chest (you can have a blanket over both of you for warmth). Research has shown that just 30 minutes of skin to skin causes a rise in the feel good hormones dopamine and oxytocin in Dad's.

This Father's Day take some time to acknowledge and celebrate the positive contributions you make to your family and baby's life.

Article written by PBC Expo Midwife