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7 Simple tips for effective pumping

7 Simple tips for effective pumping

Whether you’re pumping exclusively, to build a stash or for any other reason, there’s certainly a knack to getting things going. A big misconception is that pumping breastmilk is the same as breastfeeding, but that’s not the case. It’s a lot more difficult to get milk from your breasts with a pump than it is with a baby, so these useful tips will help you express more breastmilk & get more from your expressing experience:

1. Do breast compressions. Essentially, this means massaging your breasts while you pump.
2. Try to get a second letdown. Once the milk stops, it’s tempting to stop pumping. Take a short break, start over & you can usually get another small letdown of milk.
3. Try warmth. Warmth seems to help keep breast milk flowing, while cold has the opposite effect. Warm compresses using a warm washcloth will do the trick.
4. Relax. Checking how much milk is in the bottles will only make you anxious which is not good for milk supply. Do something you enjoy like a crossword, read, scroll through SM, or watch TV. Looking at photos of your baby can be helpful too!
5. Know your breast pump & its features. This can help you express more milk in each session. Also, clean & replace pump parts regularly.
6. Drink plenty of water & eat enough good food to sustain YOU while breastfeeding baby. Foods such as oatmeal, garlic, papaya, carrot, spinach, fenugreek seed & nuts need to be eaten in moderation & as part of a well-balanced diet. Incorporate these in your meals, or lactation cookies/smoothies.
7. Avoid underwires. Underwires place pressure on your breast which may increase the risk of blocked ducts or mastitis, as well as restrict the flow of milk from the underlying milk ducts. Be selective. Omm FITs Classic Crop is underwire free, making it safe, comfortable & practical

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