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5 Top Tips for the Most Flattering Pregnancy Photos

5 Top Tips for the Most Flattering Pregnancy Photos

"your body is not ruined, you are a tigress who has earned her stripes" - unknown

Stretch marks are celebrated as a triumph of motherhood, they symbolise that we, as women, have carried our children. However, many women don't want to show them off to the world, or in our pregnancy photography. But we don't necessarily want them removed either, so where is the happy medium?

That is entirely up to you. Each and every mum, and mum to be, has to have their own opinion, and needs to voice it to their photographer. Because just as all of us have varying body shapes and types we all have varying perceptions.

Below are some examples, of how we can flatter your individual body shape in your pregnancy photos, inducing ways to hide or disguise your stretch marks, but more importantly, show you that you also deserve, and can have beautiful pregnancy photography, no matter what your size or shape.

Tip 1 - Great Lighting

Ensure the light is to the side of the subject. For example if using window light, ensure the window is the the right or left of the subject not falling straight on - this creates a flattering shadow, slimming to the arms, backs and hiding hips.

Tip 2 - Strategic arm placement

Use the mum to be's hands and partners arms to hide the things we don't want to see, you can place a hand directly over a tattoo or stretch mark, you can make an arm look half the width covered by a partners arms.

Tip 3 - Kimono

I love these kimono jackets, so flattering and a great color and personality injection into your photos. they also fall over the hips and thighs to hid extra lumps we don't necessarily want to be reminded of.

Tip 4 - Cover it

Cover up your belly! If you don't want to show it, don't. Not everyone wants to see a semi naked photo of themselves in years to come! As long as you're confident and happy in what you're wearing that will shine though in your photographs.

Tip 5 - Photoshop

If all else fails we can use Photoshop. This is the last step. So much is possible with the magical world of Photoshop, but it's the last resort.

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