Sleep conversations - birth to 6 weeks

Presented by Ngala

This talk provides parents with information about their baby's developing brain in regards to their sleep requirements. Ngala’s Kendall explores strategies that will assist you interpreting your baby's verbal cues and body language signs in relation to his sleep, as well as sharing Ngala's secrets of good sleepers tips.

This Bupa Parenting Insights talk is given by Kendall, a parent educator from Ngala. She focuses on the following topics:

  • Baby communication skills
  • Cry
  • Settling your baby
  • Tired signs
  • Sleep and settling
  • Ngala's tips

Babies brains are always developing and they continue to develop until end of life. In their first few weeks they haven't developed their Circadian Rhythym. This isn't established until the first 16 weeks of their life.

Babies communicate from a young age through crying. You need to learn how to interpret your babies cry. Crying generally peaks at 6-8 weeks of their life. Crying is designed to attract you, as their parent - it is how they get their needs met.

This video is invaluable to expecting and new parents.

Watch the video above or find the video here.

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