Natural and Organic Baby Skincare: Why it Matters!

By Natralus Australia, Natralus Australia

Natural and Organic Baby Skincare - No new parent wants to use a product that will irritate their baby's sensitive skin. With so many products available it can be challenging to sort through all the options. And choose the best one for your infant. In fact, you may have a lot of questions about what your baby's skin needs? And what ingredients in skin care products are best for your child? Here's a rundown of what you need to know to choose the best natural and organic skin care products for your baby or toddler.

Why are natural and organic ingredients essential?

Using natural and organic ingredients can reduce the chemical burden for our infants and toddlers.

Natural and organic ingredients have:
- No chemical residue.
- Are not synthetic.
- Are not produced with petroleum, or other harsh chemicals.
- Using natural and organic products gives you peace of mind that your child is not absorbing or ingesting more toxins through the skin.

How do you know if a product is natural and organic?

Look for the label to state if baby skin care products are natural and organic baby skincare products. Natural and organic baby skincare means no chemicals are used in the growing or harvesting process all the way through the supply chain.

Using natural and organic ingredients means a company has gone the extra mile to ensure their products are a safer option. Some products say they are natural and organic, but they only use a small percentage of natural and organic ingredients.

What natural and organic ingredients should you look for in baby skin care products?

Paw Paw otherwise known as papaya contains natural sugars and protective antioxidants. Its gentle enzymes clean and remove dead skin cells, effectively cleaning without chemicals. Paw Paw also has anti-inflammatory properties. This will soothe any irritation to your baby's sensitive skin. 

Which ingredients in traditional baby skin care products should be avoided?

Some non-natural and organic products are particularly harmful to young children. These should never be in your baby's skin care products. These include anything petroleum-based. As petroleum jelly and mineral oil form a greasy layer over the skin. This blocks pores and prevents the skin from working naturally. As a result, your baby's skin may even stop producing critical oils and become more cracked and dried.

Petroleum can also be absorbed through the skin. Adding to the environmental toxic burden that children are exposed to. And who hasn't seen a baby chewing or sucking on his hands or fingers? Accidental ingestion is another reason to eliminate exposure to petroleum-containing products.

At Natralus, we also avoid parabens and sulphates. Some of these chemicals are suspected of being carcinogenic even at low doses. Sulphates, which help produce lather, are extremely drying to the delicate skin. We don't think either of these types of chemicals should be in products that go on your baby's skin.
Lanolin, while naturally sourced from a sheep's wool. Almost always contains residues from the pesticides sprayed on the sheep. Accordingly, we leave out Lanolin as well.
And, of course, we reject all artificial fragrances or colours. They are too harsh for your baby's skin and can cause irritation and even skin rashes.

What does Natralus recommend for sensitive infant and toddler skin?
Our My Little One range of products are created and produced specifically for young children and their needs. Because a child's skin is very different to an adult's skin. Having natural and organic ingredients is important. These won't burden or overpower their delicate skin structure.

At the same time, you want to be sure that you're removing dirt from your baby's skin and hair during bath time. Our products work well with their blend of specially chosen natural and organic ingredients. They do a fantastic job of cleansing and protecting skin. The My Little One Loving Care Nourishing skin Lotion is perfect for moisturising and restoring your little ones delicate skin.

The My Little One products are effective without containing any harsh chemicals that can damage the skin.
Naturally scented Natralus products will not overpower your baby's natural and lovely scent.

The six products in the Natralus My Little One line are:
Gentle Cleanse Shampoo & Body Wash
Loving Care Nourishing Skin Lotion (Certified Organic by OFC)
Joyful Bubbles Bubble Bath
Relaxing Touch Massage Oil (with natural and organic oils)
Make it Better Soothing Repair Balm (available in a tube or tub)
Happy Bottom Nappy Barrier Cream

All of our products for infants and toddlers are natural and organic and toxin-free. You can use them without worry, as each one is gently formulated to be just right for your baby's sensitive skin. They also make a wonderful gift for new parents who want the best for their child, and choose organic baby skincare.

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