Which baby monitor is right for you? Answering important questions!

By Owlet, Owletcare

Bringing home a newborn baby is going to be one of the most exciting experiences of any parents life, but can also be a time of stress and concern. From choosing the right baby products to keeping an eye on their wellness, having a newborn baby takes a lot of preparation. One important consideration for nearly every parent is whether they should get a baby monitor.

With so many options, it can sometimes be hard to choose the best option, so Owlet wants to help by answering some of the most frequently asked questions they receive from expectant parents on the subject of baby monitors.

What types of baby monitor are on the market?

Baby monitors have evolved greatly during the last decade so it’s important to understand what options are available. For most parents, an audio or video monitor will be a staple, while parents who are more concerned with their baby’s wellbeing will look towards breathing monitors, movement monitors or a newer technology, such as the Owlet Smart Sock, which uses pulse oximetry.

Which baby monitor is right for me?

When choosing a baby monitor for your family, it’s important to ask yourself what you value most. For some parents, they feel more at ease when they are able to see and hear their baby, while others prefer to keep an eye on a baby’s breathing, heart rate or movement to make sure their baby is okay. Ultimately, we recommend choosing a product that helps keep parents and baby healthy and happy.

Are these “new” baby monitors accurate?

Most of these new baby monitors use or adapt technologies trusted for decades. For example, the Owlet Smart Sock uses pulse oximetry. Pulse oximetry technology tracks heart rate and oxygen levels and is an amazingly accurate way for you to know your baby is okay.

Even though this tech is widely accepted in the medical field, Owlet went to great lengths to improve the technology and make it appropriate for in-home use. The end result is a baby monitor that accurately reports on a baby’s wellbeing and a baby monitor parents can trust.

Parenthood is a multifaceted and wondrous time in anyone’s life. Consider your options when it comes to choosing the right baby monitor and do your research to ensure you make the right decision for you and your bub!

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