Are your baby wipes safe?

By Alysha Dutton, JAK Orgaincs

Wipes are one of the most used products for your baby so it’s essential to know exactly what’s in them. One of our popular vendors from this years Melbourne One Fine Baby Baby is JAK Organics, offering 100% natural baby wipes to naturally clean, soothe and heal your baby’s delicate skin.
Ground breaking research has indicated that sodium lauryl sulfate – a common ingredient found in most baby wipes, is perhaps a contributing factor to the rise of allergies in young children. This may leave parents wondering ‘what is safe to use’?
With so many options on the shelves at super markets it can be pretty time consuming to pour over the ingredients of each and every brand – especially when they call ingredients by different names from brand to brand. So you throw your hands in the air, and just go for the ones on special – right? Wrong!
There is a better solution – Local Melbourne business JAK Organics – JAK Organics is an Australian owned, 100% natural skincare company. All the products offered by JAK are made from certified organic ingredients, free from harmful chemicals, and made from biodegradable materials.

JAK BABY wipes are 100% natural and enriched with organic oils to naturally clean, soothe, heal and add a natural protection to your baby’s sensitive skin.
JAK baby wipes are the most organic, natural, and probably most biodegradable wipe available in Australia, taking only one to two months in the elements to fully biodegrade. Using only hand-selected 100% plant-based ingredients to infuse their products, & being made from 100% bamboo fibre, these wonder wipes break down much quicker than most other common/commercial wipes, and won’t leave nasty chemicals behind on yours or your child’s skin.
If you are looking for an even more pure way to care for your babies sensitive skin, JAK Aqua Wipes are also different, being made with only 99.9% purified water and a 100% natural, organic silver preservative system – these truly are the most pure way to wipe away messes from your baby’s delicate skin.

JAK AQUA 99.9% purified water wipes will gently clean skin & wipe away life’s messy moments. Perfect for your little one’s sensitive skin, or your own if you need a quick clean up.
No more ingredient investigations in the supermarket required – JAK Wipes are –
-100% Natural…No Nasties..Ever!
-GMO Free
-Cruelty Free
-Vegan Friendly
-100% Sustainable and Biodegradable Bamboo Fibre
-Australian Designed, Owned & Operated

To celebrate JAK’s commitment to providing a healthy alternative to other commercial wipes, these amazing ladies are offering 20% off your next purchase. Just type ‘JAK20’ at the checkout.
Shop JAK now! www,

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