50 ways to use baby food storage pouches!

By Ashleigh Hoyle, Sinchies

What is a reusable baby food storage pouch and surely there can’t be 50 things I could do with it?

Well, reusable baby food storage pouches are a reusable version of squeezie yoghurt and baby food pouches that you buy in the supermarket. You fill them yourself with whatever you like, and then wash them out and use them again.

Here are our top 50 ways we use reusable baby food storage pouches in our busy house of 5:

  1. Yoghurt in lunchboxes
  2. Icing a cake
  3. Taking baby puree out and about
  4. Pouring pancake batter letters
  5. Travelling with toiletries
  6. Freezing breastmilk
  7. Storing portions of baby formula
  8. Smoothies on the go
  9. Filling with 100s and 1000s for easy sprinkle decorating
  10. Dips and sauces for picnics
  11. Leftover tomato paste storage
  12. Storing grated cheese in the freezer
  13. Porridge out and about
  14. Tube feeding children with tummy tubes
  15. Squeezie shaving foam paint activity for preschoolers and toddlers
  16. Wet bag for bibs – 500ml pouches are the perfect size for this.
  17. Homemade jelly for kids – no preservatives or colouring!
  18. Protein shakes
  19. Storing cooking wine
  20. Homemade ice blocks
  21. Fruit purees, jellys and gels
  22. Storing coconut oil
  23. Snack bag of nuts and sultanas
  24. Party bag gifts
  25. Handbag hand-cream
  26. Spice, herb and seed storage
  27. Pouring egg batter to make egg nets
  28. Portioning sauces for kids to add to their food themselves
  29. Homemade yogo or custard on the go
  30. Infuse oils with herbs
  31. Smuggling vegies for kids!
  32. Homemade chocolate sauce for strawberries
  33. Mess free spaghetti and sauce for kids out and about
  34. Pouring macaroon batter
  35. Camping portions of groceries
  36. Store homemade curry paste or stock
  37. Ice brick that you can eat at the picnic!
  38. Homemade glue for kids craft
  39. Storing breadcrumbs
  40. Taking cocktails and mocktails to a BBQ
  41. Sunscreen for the beach bag, nappy bag or car
  42. Make your own running or sports gels
  43. Pestos and salad dressing for picnics
  44. Making sensory or I-spy bags for kids
  45. Glitter dispenser for craft
  46. Taking pancake mix to the beach or park BBQ
  47. Storing soup (there are 1 litre pouches for this!)
  48. Recipe in a bag gifts (dry ingredients mixed and measured and ready for wet ingredients)
  49. Marinading or shaking and baking dinner (big pouches!)
  50. Storing honey or other bulk buy groceries

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