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Newborn care

Bringing Baby Home

Arriving home with a newborn and no midwife standing by to help or encourage you can be daunting. Don’t worry it’s all normal. Surviving the first weeks at home requires a calm attitude.

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9 ways to get kids to keep their hats on - without superglue

Sometimes, superglue seems to be the only solution to keeping hats on kids heads! But give these tried and tested ideas a whirl before whipping out that tube.

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Signs that my baby is teething?

It's around now that small person could be getting irritable, drooling and rosy-cheeked thanks to little teeth pushing their way through the gums. Ouch! It's not much fun for them - or you - but there are things you can do to ease any discomfort and take care of these 'new arrivals'.

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Swaddling: Why every new baby should be swaddled

Over the centuries mothers swaddled their babies to promote better sleep or to assist in settling. Swaddling has been proven to help keep your baby safe & asleep for longer periods of time. This is why an overwhelming percentage of hospitals teach new parents various ways to swaddle their new babies.

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Baby feeding

What is Baby-Led Weaning?

Apart from the traditional 3 stage process of introducing solids, you may find other ways or methods to follow. One in particular that is getting some hype is a method called ‘Baby Led Weaning’ and is based on the self-feeding characteristics of breastfeeding.

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How to successfully combine breast and bottle feeding

There are many benefits of having a baby that can bottle feed as well as breastfeed. Although it might sound simple enough, bottle rejection is a common issue that many mum's and bubs struggle with.

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Self-Feeding Skills in Babies

Learning to self-feed is a very important development stage for your baby. It’s a time when your baby learns to eat independently and to develop life skills like co-ordination and motor skills by grabbing, holding and (eventually) using utensils and cups.

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Starting your baby on solid foods - Tips and advice!

Introducing solids in your baby's diet is important for helping your baby learn to eat, giving them experiences of new tastes and textures from a range of foods, developing their teeth and jaws, and building other skills that they'll need later for language development.

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Baby sleep

Night Waking

Your baby can wake at night for many reasons and the cause is often age related and very individual. Night – day rhythms are not established until your baby is about three months old.

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Baby Sleep Patterns

Sleep is individual and is dependent on physical activity, general health and well being and environmental factors. Therefore the required amount of sleep may vary from baby to baby and sleep to sleep. Be guided by your baby’s tired signs and behaviour.

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Ideal sleep environments for babies and toddlers

While there is no major formula for getting babies to sleep, you can certainly improve your chances of rest by making a few adjustments to the sleep environment.

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4 Tips For Getting Your Baby To Sleep Better

4 useful and practical tips that can be utilised straight away on how to get your baby to sleep better

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Baby safety

5 Reasons Why Your Child Should Learn To Swim!

With countless pristine beaches and backyard pools spread across our suburbs, why are we still not making it a priority for our children to receive water safety education? Here's our top five reasons for why your kids should dive into the fun now.

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5 things you should know about babies and fevers

Here are five things you should know if you suspect your baby might be suffering from a fever.

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Baby first aid and all things paediatrics

Dr. André Kogan discusses everything he sees day in and day out in the pediatric emergency department.

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Your guide to choosing a car seat

From day one your baby's safety will be of paramount importance. That first car trip home will call for a properly fitted restraint to ensure your baby arrives safely. This guide to choosing a car seat will help you know the basics.

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Back to Basix: Nappy Rash Prevention

Nappy rash is horrible and painful and can still occur with the greatest of care. However, there are things you can do to help prevent your little one from suffering nappy rash.

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Five ways to tell if your little one is ready for nappy pants

Making the leap from nappies to nappy pants, to eventually underwear is a big milestone for children and parents. Some make the transition quite easily, others are in no hurry to move on.

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Nappy sizes for different ages and stages

We think a nappy name should reflect more than just the size and weight of your baby, that’s why our names represent who your baby is and the stage of development they’re in! Weight range is provided as a suggestion for what your little one wears, but ultimately, we want you to feel empowered to make the right size call. Trust those new parent instincts.

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Nappy bag checklist

What you need to pack in your nappy bag depends on how long you will be out and about, how old your bub is and the time of day you are out.

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Baby development

5 things your baby needs for health and wellbeing

Connecting with your baby in the little day to day moments goes a long way to encouraging their wellbeing. The following blog provides parents with five key things they can do to foster their baby's emotional wellbeing and development.

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How much do you know about the microbiome?

Ever heard of the microbiome? It's an interconnected ecosystem containing trillions of bacteria and their cells. To help you understand its importance, Life-Space has shared their expertise.

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How do our babies learn language and how should we talk to them?

Babies seem to learn their native language or languages effortlessly and very rapidly. The task of learning language, however, is not simple or trivial. In fact, it is one of the most complex cognitive skills that we develop in our lifetime. So, how do our tiny babies learn language?

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Reading with Your Baby - Tips from The Little Big Book Club

Reading with your baby is such an important and fun activity. The Little Big Book Club team are pleased to offer some helpful information and advice on how to make the most of story time with your baby.

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