Dads Group Inc Boot Camp

Dads Group Inc works to connect Dads in local communities so they can share their experiences, make new friends and enjoy healthier, happier family lives.

For most blokes, becoming a Dad is one of the biggest transitions they will make in life and the one that is the most difficult to prepare for. The reality of life with a newborn and how to be a father is something blokes rarely discuss. For most Dads - in between work hours, figuring out how to change a nappy, trying to understand newborn cues, having little sleep, and discovering how to navigate a very different relationship with their partner - they just dive in and hope they can swim.

So Dads Group Inc have created a Dad Boot Camp to help begin adjusting to this new season of their lives. This daily workshop will give Dads and Dads-To-Be the opportunity to begin connecting with other Dads to discuss life with a little one, and how to keep themselves healthy, so they, their partner, and their child can thrive.

The Dad Boot Camp will be held at the Dads Group Inc Stand, each day of the Expo, at 12:00pm and 2:00pm.