10 Handy Tips For Flying With Babies

By Kirsten McDonald, Family Travel & Tours

Flying with babies can cause great concern for new parents. No need to worry, these tips will help make your flight relaxing and enjoyable.

  • Have your travel agent book you the bassinet on the flight. This will allow the baby to sleep well and leave you hands free to eat, read or play with the baby
  • Allow plenty of time for check in and transfers, you never know when a nappy emergency will occur
  • Always travel with a muslin wrap, it can cover the bassinet while the baby sleeps, offers clean surface for floor time and can be used to wrap or cover them when cold
  • Pack the nappy bag with what you need for the flight plus extras, including food or formula, this covers you if delayed at take off or landing
  • Keep powder, cream, wipes in a small separate bag in the nappy bag, that way you don’t have to take the whole nappy bag into the toilet to change the baby
  • Try to plan feeds for take off and landing to help with their ears, this can be difficult especially if the flight is delayed. Other options are to split the feed if possible or try water or a dummy if between feeds
  • If the baby is in a routine prior to travelling, continuing this if possible will help them to be settled while away. Feed them, bath them (wipes if on the plane), PJ’s, read a book and then off to bed. If it is the same routine, they will sleep well; they don’t know the location has changed
  • Most airlines will let you take the pram right up to the boarding gate and then have it ready for you again when you disembark, this is great for moving through airports and sleeping babies
  • Pack Lite! Babies travel with lots of extra luggage (cots, prams, nappy bags etc), so only take what you can carry in one hand as you will be carrying a baby or pushing a stroller with the other
  • Backpacks are great for on the plane as they leave you with two hands free on arrival. Baby slings or pouches are also great for hands free through the airport. Handbags look nice but are not practical when travelling with babies. Pack the handbag in your suitcase to use on arrival
  • Most importantly: Have Fun and Relax! This is a well deserved holiday. If you are relaxed, your baby will also be relaxed. Try not to over plan your itinerary and go with the flow; even if something does not go to plan, it usually makes a great story later!

Note: The views and advice expressed on this blog post are those of the author and are not representative of the Pregnancy Babies & Children's Expo.

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