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Toddler nutrition

The benefits of breastfeeding beyond 12 months

How long should you breastfeed for? We explore the benefits of breastfeeding older children and extended breastfeeding.

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Is bub having tummy troubles? You should consider goat’s milk formula

A whopping 86% of infants experience digestive problems, leading to crying babies and stressed-out parents looking for answers.

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Why you should add fish to your toddler’s plate

If you’re constantly hunting for something to serve your toddler other than the same old macaroni cheese, spaghetti, and toasted cheese sandwiches, do a little fishing at your supermarket fish counter or local fish market.

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What is grass fed milk and why does it matter when it comes to formula?

If the term ‘grass fed’ is new to you, we spoke to leading paediatric nutritionist and Wholesome Child founder, Mandy Sacher to explain exactly what makes this milk different, and why it matters.

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Toddler development

Using routine to manage behaviour

We all know routines are an important part of child development, and can contribute to how children behave.

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Supporting toddler speech

All children develop at different ages, so Jack n' Jill have compiled some ideas to support and encourage that first word.

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Communication is the key to toddler discipline

The toddler years are difficult time for parents and caregivers, famous for “terrible twos” and the inevitable tantrums that come along with it.

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Understanding why your child hits

It is common for young children to hit others as a way of expressing their feelings of anger, upset or frustration. Luckily, it is possible to understand the motivation behind a child's hitting behaviour, and put in place strategies to make the behaviour stop.

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Toddler care

Advice on toddler biting

Many babies and toddlers go through a stage of biting. It can be a difficult time for parents because it may cause them embarrassment in front of others (if the child bites someone else), physical pain, or a complete sense of helplessness in trying to prevent it.

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Toddler attention seeking behaviour

Huggies provide some quick ways of dealing with negative toddler attention seeking behaviour.

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Managing toddler behaviour

This article provides some things for you to keep in mind to manage toddler behaviour as well as research findings into toddler behaviour.

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Understanding toddler behaviour

As toddlers mature and begin to explore the world they will experience a whole new range of emotions which may be difficult for them to manage. Your toddler may need your support to help manage some of these behaviours.

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