Parenting Insights Live talks

Our free talks at our Expos provide you with up-to-date information from trusted, experienced experts and the ideal opportunity to have all your questions answered, to alleviate your fears or concerns.

The schedule below shows all talks featured at our 2018 Expo. Please check closer to our 2019 Expo for updated talk schedule and times.

FREE Antenatal classes: We run FREE antenatal classes, each running for 40 minutes. The classes are taught by Liz Wilkes, our PBCE Midwife in Residence, an informed, supportive and qualified midwife from My Midwives, with over 20 years experience.

Places are limited so we suggest arriving 15 minutes prior to the class to avoid disappointment.

Daily Session Timetable

Specialist Speaker: Liz Wilkes

Women heading into pregnancy, especially for the first time, have a lot of questions.

This first class in our antenatal series talks about some of the major choices – public vs private, doctor vs midwife, how do I know whether to have normal birth or caesarean.

We talk about how to start off in pregnancy to make the choices that will help you stay healthy and have a great birth and we will answer questions like what is an epidural and is it OK to have one? What other things can I have for pain? Is water birth safe? Should I have a normal birth or a caesarean? Will I tear? What happens if the cord is around the babies neck?

We cover this material honestly but sensitively and alleviate fears leaving women confident to ask for and get what they want.

Duration: 45 minutes
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Specialist Speaker: Liz Wilkes

Most women want to have a great pregnancy and to prepare well for birth.

This class focuses on what will make a difference for you and your baby during this special time.  Focusing mostly on active labour and birth we discuss what you can do starting in early pregnancy through to the last weeks to make sure you and your support team know what will work so that you feel more confident. If you do one class in preparation for your birth make it this one as we dive into simple things that change the overall outcome and find out what makes women feel most satisfied with their birth outcomes.

Duration: 45 minutes
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Specialist Speaker: Liz Wilkes

This class covers the actual process of labour and birth of your baby.

We cover what happens leading in to labour and what you will see and feel as labour starts. The process of labour, what happens and how things change throughout the period of labour and leading up to birth. The physical and emotional elements are covered including in the moments after birth with your new baby. We describe and discuss what an amazing life changing experience this will be for everyone present.

Duration: 45 minutes
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Specialist Speaker: Kristy Newnham Qualified Nurse & Lactation Consultant

40% of mums stop breastfeeding as they think their baby is not getting enough from breastfeeding alone.

Join Kristy, a qualified nurse and lactation consultant from Medela, as she talks through what’s normal in the first few days and weeks after birth, and what’s normal for the older infant aged 1-6 months when it comes to breastfeeding, and how you will know your baby is getting enough.

Duration: 20 minutes
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Australian Breastfeeding Association is Australia’s leading authority on breastfeeding. 

This talk will cover key information, such as the benefits of breastfeeding, the let down reflex, supply and demand feeding and how to know if your baby is getting enough breast milk, positioning and attachment, and more. You'll also hear about the support available to help you with your breastfeeding journey.

Duration: 20 minutes
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Specialist Speaker:

This presentation will provide parents and all carers (importantly bring the grandparents along!) with the skills and knowledge to understand the safest way to sleep a baby.

We will provide information and answer the following questions and more...

  • What products and mattress should I use and what products may be dangerous
  • Why should I sleep baby on the back and is it really safe?
  • Should I swaddle or wrap my baby or use a sleep bag?
  • What should the room temperature be and how much bedding do I need?
  • Is it safe to sleep with my baby?

Duration: 20 minutes
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Specialist Speaker: Alisa Latto Nutritional Medicine. A Nutrition Warrior & Mum of Twins!

Products have changed! Hear all the latest up-do-date information on food products, ingredients and packaging, to ensure you feed your babies, toddlers or kids a diet rich in nutrients and using products that are free of harsh chemicals.

Topics covered include:

  • Additives and preservatives in food
  • Synthetics and preservatives in baby products
  • Plastics and chemicals in packaging
  • The benefits of organics

Duration: 20 minutes
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Specialist Speaker: Miriam Krouzecky Nurse, specialising in infant and perinatal mental health & child health

Sleep. It’s one of the most difficult aspects of life with a new baby, with many new parents experiencing issues with establishing healthy sleep habits. 

This session takes a look at some of the basics around sleep in the first year of your baby’s life, and the strategies you can take to respond sensitively to your baby’s needs whilst promoting better sleep. Learn about:

• Infant sleep cycles and what to expect as your baby grows
• Strategies for linking sleep cycles 
• How to read your baby’s cues and respond to them
• Tips on age-appropriate routines  
• Responsive settling and key techniques
• Creating positive sleep associations

Speaker Miriam Krouzecky, in her senior role at The Glengarry Early Parenting Centre, supports parents and babies adjust to common challenges associated with sleep, settling and attachment.

Duration: 20 minutes
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Specialist Speaker: Ambassadors from The Parentmedic Movement

This medical talk covers what every parent should know before bringing baby home.

This talk will provide parents with the "red flags" to identify when their child needs medical help. A trained Parentmedic Ambassador will provide what to look out for, and who to get help from. These topics are the top reasons a parent will go to an emergency room or rush to their local GP in fear and needing help.

Know what you need to know to help when these times occur. Topics covered:

1.Identify when baby is not breathing properly
2. Baby's first fever
3. Dehydration
4. Rashes

All Parentmedic Ambassadors complete a 6 week online course and meet certain criteria to ensure they are providing up-to-date information in First Aid and Safety. Ambassadors come from a range of backgrounds in health and education.

Duration: 20 minutes
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Note: Session times and content subject to change. The views and advice expressed during the talks are those of the speakers and are not representative of the Pregnancy, Babies & Children's Expo.