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Education Centre Sessions

Our Education Centre gives visitors the chance to get up-to-date information & ask questions from Key Specialists on a range of topics important to expectant parents & parents with young kids.

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Daily Session Timetable

11:00 am What You Need to Know About Your Newborn (0-6 weeks)

Duration: 20m Presented by: Ngala

Susan Birnie (Fri), Gail Rose (Sat) & Julie Holschier (Sun)
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Specialist Speaker: Susan Birnie (Fri), Gail Rose (Sat) & Julie Holschier (Sun)

Babies are learning about the world in which they live, this learning starts prior to their birth and ramps up after the birth.

This presentation by Ngala will help you learn about your baby and what they are telling you they need in the way of sleep, feeding and time with mum and dad.

Discussion includes:

How babies learn through their senses

Sleep requirements, how to observe tired signs and ways to help babies relax for sleep

Feeding and why a newborn needs so many feeds

How getting to know your baby and their needs increases confidence as their parent

Ngala staff will also be available to answer your questions.

11:25 am The Benefits of Cord Blood

Duration: 20m Presented by: Cell Care

Roisin Dean
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Specialist Speaker: Roisin Dean (BSc (Hons), PhD, PGCertMgt) – Research Scientist, Cell Care

Your baby’s stem cells are precious. Cord Blood + Tissue Banking is the collection of blood from the umbilical cord and a small section of the cord after birth and storing them for potential future medical use. Cord blood contains a mixture of cells, including blood stem cells and immune cells.

Cord tissue contains mesenchymal stem cells not generally found in cord blood. Cord blood is used as an alternative for bone marrow in the treatment of certain cancers.

Family banking means the blood may be used for compatible family members (it is a 100% match for the child it was collected from and a 25% match for siblings). The flexibility and diversity of cells found in cord blood and tissue are why they are considered promising in improving the treatment of many diseases, including heart disease, stroke and neurological disorders.

Current research suggests cord blood may play a role in preventing type 1 diabetes and treating cerebral palsy.

11:50 am Modern Cloth Nappies - What's All the Fuss?!

Duration: 20m Presented by: Bambooty

Amelia Singh
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Specialist Speaker: Amelia Singh Managing Director, Bambooty

In this Session, Amelia will discuss her own experiences with various types of nappies, including some pros and cons, of using modern cloth vs disposables or old fashioned terry flats.

Amelia has changed 1000's of nappies in her time. She has worked as a Nanny, in day care and mothers help, plus her own children, across many years.

She will physically show and describe to you the options and benefits of a variety of nappy types.

12:15 pm Breastfeeding Comfortably

Duration: 20m Presented by: Babyhood

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Specialist Speaker: Farzanah Ally & Yatrik Naik Co-Owners, Babyhood

Discover how new technology and designs in Maternity Wear can improve the comfort and wellbeing of mums during pregnancy and nursing.

Learn how these new developments can help to reduce breast infections and Mastitis for breastfeeding mums and reduced stress on expectant mums body.

12:40 pm Chemical Free Cleaning

Duration: 20m Presented by: Ecostore

Liz Bien-Arieh
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Specialist Speaker: Liz Bien-Arieh Marketing - Communications & Community Engagement Manager, Ecostore

Many household cleaning products are known toxins, some even carcinogenic! When we spray these products all over our homes, are we really cleaning them? What is a safer alternative for you and your family?

In this workshop you will learn about the effectiveness of “eco-friendly” products and how to reduce the toxicity in your home and in the environment.

1:05 pm Breastmilk Feeding Solutions

Duration: 20m Presented by: Medela

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Specialist Speaker: TBC

With Calma, the innovative feeding solution for breastmilk, baby uses the feeding behaviour learned at the mother’s breast.

The session will cover briefly the research and development behind Calma from our Hospital representative, and our retail representative will explain how Calma works with a full product demonstrations and video.

1:30 pm Secrets to Your Child’s Best Health & Brain Development with Chiropractic

Duration: 20m Presented by: Nervana Chiropratic

Dr. Olivia Gleeson
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Specialist Speaker: Dr. Olivia Gleeson Founder & Director of the Nervana Chiropractic Group

Come along to find out the top 10 reason parents bring their child to a chiropractor and 7 keys to positive pregnancy and birth. How safe and effective chiropractic is and the research that shows it. The best advice to “grow” your babies brain with the best environmental input.

It’s a massive responsibility as a parent! Your choices determine your babies health and development. It’s scary knowing there are rising levels of obesity, behavioural and developmental issues in our kids generation.

"Nervana kids" gives you the resources to be in control of the health of your family. Your child’s health and development is in your control, research has shown it’s lifestyle and environmental experiences that determine development and health, not purely genetics.

1:55 pm Preventing Childhood Injuries

Duration: 20m Presented by: Kidsafe WA

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Specialist Speaker: TBC

Kidsafe WA is the lead non-government, not-for-profit, charitable organisation dedicated to the prevention of unintentional childhood death and injuries in Western Australia.

During the session, their Speakers will outline the six home features to help keep kids safe and provide information on selecting and using child car restraints for your children in line with the WA Road Rules and changes to the Australian Standard for child restraint systems.


2:20 pm Birthing Options - Why Choose a Midwife

Duration: 20m Presented by: Australian College of Midwives WA Branch

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Specialist Speaker: TBA

Midwives are the “experts” in normal pregnancy, labour, birth, postnatal and early parenting;

which covers over 80% of all pregnant and birthing women in WA. What options are available for women when they plan to become pregnant, when they are pregnant and birthing; and in the early postnatal period can be quite confusing. Midwives are educated to provide care that embraces birth as a normal physiological event, recognising that some women will require the expertise of a doctor. Come along and listen to midwives and midwifery students’ talk about birth choices for women and how they provide continuity of care.

2:45 pm Safe Sleeping

Duration: 20m Presented by: SIDS and Kids® WA

Monnia Volpi-Wise
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Specialist Speaker: Monnia Volpi-Wise Education Officer, SIDS and Kids WA

 If you are expecting a baby soon, this session is one you shouldn’t miss!

Our SIDS and Kids educator will provide an interesting and informative talk which will help parents and grandparents learn important information about how to sleep your baby safely.

This includes how to both prepare a safe sleep environment for your baby and learn why it is important. Common concerns that parents have will also be addressed and questions are welcome.

Look forward to seeing you there!