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What post-pregnancy compressions tights actually do?

Post-pregnancy compression tights do more than just conceal your new lumps and bumps. They actually help promote healing after pregnancy as well as provide support for abdominal muscle recovery.

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Why making time for you will benefit the whole family

It’s easy to put those you love first but it is so important for both yourself and your family that you find time to make positive impacts for yourself.

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The pregnant woman's guide to exercise

Being pregnant shouldn’t mean missing out on physical activity. Bupa give their top exercise tips to help keep mum and baby safe.

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Finding time to exercise as a new mum

By working at your own speed to develop and maintain a healthy state of mental and physical wellbeing, you will be in a better position to experience the challenges and joys of motherhood.

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The do’s & do not’s of exercise in pregnancy

Medical experts in this field now agree that there are many physical and psychological benefits of regular exercise during pregnancy.

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Why you need to support your body when exercising during and after pregnancy

SRC Health explains why you need to support your body when exercising during and after pregnancy and how the unique SRC garment technology enables muscular activity and promotes muscle stimulation

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Keeping fit during pregnancy

Exercising and maintaining your fitness during pregnancy is vital, not only for helping your body handle the extraordinary stresses and demands of pregnancy and childbirth, but to help your physical (and mental) recovery afterwards

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