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Babywearing - Why you should fall in love with it

Ever wondered more about babywearing? Amber from The Infant Boutique recounts her babywearing journey and how she fell in love with it and what she did once she did.

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Meet the PBC Expo Resident Dad George Georgievski

Introducing PBC Expos first ever Resident Dad, George Georgiveski of School Lunch Box. George is a 44 year old dad from Geelong who uses his creativity to make amazing lunches for his 2 daughters and in the process has built an amazing online following by inspiring mums, dads and care givers through both his lunches and his parenting style.

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Anxiety in Breastfeeding, Mastitis & Support

Amanda describes her experience with Mastitis and overcoming her fears associated with breast feeding in public.

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Change your expectations, not your baby

Many new parents have expectations of what it is like to have a new baby - but how realistic are they. Learn why asking for, and accepting, help is a good idea

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My Journey with Endometriosis and Infertility

QENDO Ambassador and 1029 Hot Tomato Radio Host Emily-Jade O'Keefe on her journey with Endometriosis and infertility

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My Journey to Motherhood

I'm writing this article to share my journey to Motherhood and the complications that I experienced along the way. My first pregnancy with Tanner had a few complications along the way.

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Managing multiples

Living with multiples is like being on a roller coaster that never ends. Life is full of exhaustion, tears, laughter and happiness. I would never have thought when I embarked on my journey through a high-risk multiple pregnancy that life would be as exhausting as it is now.

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My Midwife Story

Having had four babies I can safely say, people tell you ‘every birth is different’ and no truer words have been spoken about my experiences. I’ve had two low risk births through a public hospital, tried a private Obstetrician and private hospital, and this last time, I have had a private midwife who was able to admit me to hospital and provide my whole care for labour and birth.

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My brother saved my life with his cord blood stem cells

A guest post from Dani - a mother who recounts her story of using Cryosite cord blood banking after her son Miles was diagnosed with a rare form of leukemia.

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