Active Parenting Workshops

The free interactive workshops at our Expos are hosted by many of the best and brightest in their field, offering great practical advice for parents – particularly new parents.

The Active Parenting Workshops detailed below were a highlight of our 2017 Expo. Please check back closer to the event date for our 2018 program of talks.

Note: Bookings are not required. Simply add the workshops to your phone calendar to make sure you don't miss out when you're at the expo. Places are limited, so arrive early to secure your place.

First aid for babies and toddlers

Join us at 10.30am and 3.30pm each day

Would you know what actions to take if your baby or child choked or had a serious allergic reaction?

In this workshop you'll learn some of the most important life saving techniques that any parent or parent to be should learn. Amanda (Advanced Life Support Paramedic) and Leanne (Paediatric Nurse) from Child Revive First Aid will present how to identify two common emergencies related to food; choking and allergic reactions. They will demonstrate on the manikins how to assist your child if they choke and also demonstrate management of Anaphylaxis.


Duration: 30 minutes
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Car restraint safety – all you need to know

Join us at 12.10pm and 2.40pm each day

Buying and safely using the right car restraint is one of the most challenging tasks facing parents. What kind of restraint should you choose that best suits your needs?

Of course, if it’s called upon to do the ultimate job it was designed for you’d like it do it well, but how will your purchase choice impact on you everyday. For example, will it fit properly in your car? Will you ‘struggle’ with it’s mechanical functions? Will you be able to use it later if and when you have more children? Can it be swapped from car to car with ease?  Also, what is ISOFIX or ERF (Extended rear facing)? These are some of the most important questions needing clarity. Doing the research is critical, but you need to know what questions to ask to get the answers that will serve you best?

These problems are solved during our Car Restraint Safety Workshop. Experts from the Australian Child Restraint Resource Initiative (ACRI) will be on hand to demonstrate and guide you through the right questions and answers applicable to your needs and personal circumstances

Duration: 30 minutes
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Breastfeeding: what’s normal?!

Join us at 1pm each day

40% of mums stop breastfeeding as they think their baby is not getting enough from breastfeeding alone.

Join Katie from Medela as she talks through what’s normal in the first few days and weeks after birth, and what’s normal for the older infant aged 1-6 months when it comes to breastfeeding, and how you will know your baby is getting enough.

Katie will also look at demystifying which pump is the right one for you, depending on how you are currently breastfeeding. She will explain why pumps may be used early on in the hospital and when not to use a pump.  

Duration: 30 minutes
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Baby massage techniques

Join us at 11.20am and 1.50pm each day

There are many ways babies may benefit from infant massage.

This introductory session will teach you how to recognise your baby's signals in regards to when they do (and don't) want massage, how to choose an appropriate oil for your infant or child and a basic stroke routine.

Learn about the wonderful benefits of massage for both parent and child in this ‘hands on’ and informative workshop. Bring your baby for a truly special bonding experience or practice on one of our lifelike baby dolls in readiness for your little one’s upcoming arrival.

Come and experience our baby massage introduction workshop - the first 15 people attending the workshop will receive a FREE GAIA Natural Baby Goody Bag. If you are participating in the workshop with your bub (0-8months) you will also receive a free GAIA Natural Baby 50ml Massage Oil.

Duration: 30 minutes
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Note: Session times and content subject to change. The views and advice expressed during the workshops are those of the presenters and are not representative of the Pregnancy, Babies & Children's Expo.