How do you best connect with the pregnancy and newborn market?

Nobody understands the baby market like we do. With over 25 years of experience and leadership in connecting brands with consumers, nobody comes close to knowing the pregnancy and baby market like we do.

Putting your brand, product or service directly into the eyes, hands and hearts of Australia’s notoriously difficult to reach pregnancy, baby and early childhood market is what we do better than anyone. Very much better.

We are where expert family brands grow

We provide the ideal face to face environment for you to grow by connecting you with highly invested and influential consumers.

Being the experts at fine-tuning pregnancy and baby Expos means we do it exceptionally well – we know that because so many of our Exhibitors tell us so. This means you can rely on us to enable the essential connection between you and your core audience.

We are specialists in delivering an effective and painless pathway for you to connect and grow. We provide advice to our Exhibitors about how they can make the most of working with us – because we believe that outcomes and “the experience” for our Exhibitors are as important as outcomes and “the experience” for our Expo Visitors.

We change consumer behaviour

Our Expos enable you to impact consumer behaviour when you deliver relevant and trusted information to our Visitors.

Expectant and new parents actively seek out the authenticity and integrity of our Expo space – to the benefit of our Exhibitors – because consumers are able to see, touch, try, ask and act. It’s a proven pathway to purchase and behavioural change.

Draw on our expertise

You can draw on our expertise in experiential marketing to help you achieve outstanding engagement.

Expos are our core business so we do them extremely well. We nurture both Exhibitors and Visitors, striving to provide the best possible experience for all.

Yet at all times our Exhibitors are the “hero”. People come to our Expos to meet you! So focus is always on you and helping you to grow and succeed.

Connect in a meaningful way

First time expecting and new parents are notoriously hard to connect with in a meaningful way because they are in and out of your space so quickly.

This isn’t a secret! As the only Expo in Australia that specialises in pregnancy and newborn, we truly can help you to create enduring connections across cultural, societal, and demographic categories through our focus on the human experience. We are the trustworthy environment where our Visitors discover the information they need to make informed decisions.

How can you be sure you’re getting what you pay for? We are the only baby Expo in Australia whose attendance figures are independently audited by CAB.

Turn uncertainty into confidence

Today’s new families are making many more new consumption choices than they have ever done before or ever will do again.

Our promise is to put you face to face with consumers actively seeking information, ideas and products in the baby market.

Close to 1/3 of our Visitors are first time parents to be – no one else comes close despite their claims. We deliver open minds actively seeking answers from our Exhibitors.

In our rapidly changing world, even experienced parents can find the range of options overwhelming.

You can absolutely trust us to deliver you a proven pathway to purchase.

Create life-long brand loyalty and advocacy

When you are bonding with families at the life changing moment of first birth you are potentially creating life-long brand loyalty.

By connecting with our Expo, you connect with new and expectant parents at life's major watershed moment – the birth of the first child. Become a firm family favourite from the very start.

Your key to success

Interested? Contact us today and we will start planning to help make our Expo your best marketing decision this year!

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