Specialist Speaker Talks

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Daily Session Timetable

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11:00am – Be aware, buy with care

11:25am – Healthy start for toddlers – Filling in the nutritional gaps

11:50am – Pregnancy-an obstetrician’s perspective

12:15pm – Understanding your baby & helping your baby develop positive sleep habits

12:40pm – Preventing Childhood Injuries

1:05pm – Maternity care choices

1:30pm – Breastfeeding—information for new and expectant mums

1:55pm – Modern Cloth Nappies...What's All the Fuss?

2:20pm – Baby handling for optimal physical development

2:45pm – Infancy counts! The importance of setting healthy eating habits from the start.

3:10pm – Potty training - no more nappies!

Note: Session times and content subject to change. The views and advice expressed during the talks are those of the speakers and are not representative of the Pregnancy, Babies & Children's Expo.