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Specialist Speaker Talks

Get up-to-date information & ask questions!

Get up-to-date information & insights on important parenting topics. FREE specialist talks on a range of topics important to you, at whatever stage of parenting you are at.

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Daily Session Timetable

11:00 am Be aware, buy with care

Duration: 20m Presented by: Office of Fair Trading

Dave Strachan
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Specialist Speaker: Dave Strachan Manager, Product Safety Office of Fair Trading

Product Safety Officers from the Queensland Office of Fair Trading will be providing guidance to parents and would-be parents about how to make the safest possible purchasing decisions when buying nursery and other products for baby. Some of the pitfalls, where to go for more information and key questions to ask retailers (including internet sellers) will be put forward. 

Visitors are also encouraged to visit the Office of Fair Trading's safety display at the Expo, stand number O31.

11:25 am Healthy start for toddlers – Filling in the nutritional gaps

Duration: 20m Presented by: S-26 GOLD TODDLER

Kate Di Prima
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Specialist Speaker: Kate Di Prima Accredited Practicing Dietitian and Adult and Infant Nutritionist

The Australian Dietary Guidelines aim to guide parents in providing good food balanced with plenty of activity to promote their child’s healthy growth and development.

It is often difficult to know exactly how much your toddler needs at different ages and growth stages. However, getting the right balance of energy and nutrients is important to ensure they have a healthy start in life. Missing out on essential nutrients such as iron and zinc can have a dramatic effect on their appetite, behaviour and energy levels. Simple additions to your toddler’s diet may help with issues such as tiredness and lethargy, slow weight gain or irregular toileting habits.

This session will provide a visual guide as to how much to feed your toddler from each food group. It will also provide alternative solutions to foods that are disliked and essential strategies to fill in nutritional gaps when food fussiness becomes an issue.

11:50 am Pregnancy-an obstetrician’s perspective

Duration: 20m Presented by: Mater Mothers’ Hospitals

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Join one of our Mater Mothers’ obstetricians to hear information for expectant mothers and those planning to conceive. Our expert doctors will provide pre-conception advice, tips for surviving 9 months and advice for keeping both mum-to-be and unborn baby happy and healthy.

12:15 pm Understanding your baby & helping your baby develop positive sleep habits

Duration: 20m Presented by: Triple P University of Queensland

Dr Carmen Spry & Ms Mandy Mihelic
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Specialist Speaker: Dr Carmen Spry & Ms Mandy Mihelic Dr Spry is a is a child psychologist and parenting researcher at the Parenting & Family Support Centre, University of Queensland Ms Mihelic is a parenting researcher and Triple P facilitator at the Parenting & Family Support Centre, University of Queensland

Having a baby is such an exciting time! While it is so enjoyable to watch your baby grow and develop, sometimes you probably wish your baby came with an instruction manual...
Our research has shown that learning to understand their baby and helping their baby develop positive sleep habits are the top two concerns new parents have. Sometimes mastering all the new parenting skills needed with your bundle of joy can feel overwhelming and challenging.

In this 20 minute session we will explore the importance of the early parent-child relationship and how understanding your baby’s cues and signals can help build that relationship. We will also highlight some important facts about infant’s sleep and share some key tips with you for what you can do to help your baby develop positive sleep habits.

12:40 pm Preventing Childhood Injuries

Duration: 20m Presented by: Kidsafe QLD

Susan Teerds
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Specialist Speaker: Susan Teerds CEO Kidsafe Qld

Most injuries in children under the age of 6 happen in their own home – where they should be safe and secure.

Do you know what the hazards are in and around your home? What products cause the most injuries?

How many and what type of injuries happen?

What you can do to ensure your child’s safety?

Susan has the answers.

1:05 pm Maternity care choices

Duration: 20m Presented by: Midwives Australia

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Reviewing the choices for newly pregnant families.  Public versus Private – Midwife versus Obstetrician.  What is your choice within each setting?  This is a must for women undecided about the best choice for them and their baby.

1:30 pm Breastfeeding—information for new and expectant mums

Duration: 20m Presented by: Mater Mothers’ Hospitals

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Specialist Speaker: TBA Mater Mothers’ Hospitals Lactation Consultant

Experienced lactation consultants from Mater Mothers’ Hospital will provide new/expectant mothers with up to date breastfeeding information to prepare you for, or assist you with, breastfeeding your baby. The session will include information on, baby-led attachment, feeding cues, how to know if your baby is getting enough, cluster feeding and growth spurts as well as answer your questions on breastfeeding.

1:55 pm Modern Cloth Nappies...What's All the Fuss?

Duration: 20m Presented by: Bambooty

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Specialist Speaker: Emma from Bambooty

In this Session, Amelia will discuss her own experiences with various types of nappies, including some pros and cons, of using modern cloth vs disposables or old fashioned terry flats.

Amelia has changed 1000's of nappies in her time. She has worked as a Nanny, in day care and mothers help, plus her own children, across many years.

She will physically show and describe to you the options and benefits of a variety of nappy types.

2:20 pm Baby handling for optimal physical development

Duration: 20m Presented by: Mater Mothers’ Hospitals

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Mater Mothers’ Hospital physiotherapists will share their expertise to encourage your baby’s optimal physical development. We’ll share baby handling and development tips including picking up, holding and playing with your baby. Also, some body awareness principles behind how you sit, and support yourself while nursing. We’ll finish off the session with some tips and tricks for baby massage.

2:45 pm Infancy counts! The importance of setting healthy eating habits from the start.

Duration: 20m Presented by: Triple P University of Queensland

Agnes Gelmini
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Specialist Speaker: Agnes Gelmini Child psychologist, early childhood educator and Triple P facilitator with extensive experience and knowledge in the area of infant nutrition

Feeding patterns are embedded in the first years of life and are likely to remain stable throughout life. Did you know that most of our taste preferences are established by the age of 5?

As parents you have a wonderful opportunity to set the foundations of future healthy lifestyles for your children early on in infancy. However, it can be very challenging to make the right choices as we are bombarded every day with lots of different information and options.

Learn how Baby Healthy Living – a Triple P program – can support you in using positive feeding practices and setting good habits for your babies from the start. Because the best time to act is now!

3:10 pm Potty training - no more nappies!

Duration: 20m Presented by:

Tracy Fullwood
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Specialist Speaker: Tracy Fullwood Mum of 3 and founder of

Take the “No More Nappies” Challenge! How to toilet train with guaranteed results by two years of age and overcome common toileting challenges with ease.

Attendees to each session will go in the draw to win either a Bullet Proof Boy Pack or a Girls Just Want to Have Fun Pack, valued at $100 each, plus there will be sample bags with helpful advice for all who attend each session.

Note: Session times and content subject to change. The views and advice expressed during the talks are those of the speakers and are not representative of the Pregnancy, Babies & Children's Expo.