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Specialist Speakers at the Education Centre

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At the Education Centre key specialists talk on a range of topics important to you at whatever stage of parenting you are at.

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Daily Session Timetable

11:00 am Government benefits and services for families

Duration: 20m Presented by: NannySA & Bubble n Squeak

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Specialist Speaker: Maree McCulloch

Maree McCulloch will be discussing the types of Government Benefits, you as a famiily could be looking for to support your children with a disability. She'll also be touching on the the eligibility criteria, where to start if you want to know more information and the types of services they can expect to receive.

11:25 am Maternity care choices

Duration: 20m Presented by: Midwives Australia

Donna Mansell
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Specialist Speaker: Donna Mansell Registered Nurse/Midwife and Eligible Midwife, Director MotherNurture

Reviewing the choices for newly pregnant families.  Public versus Private – Midwife versus Obstetrician.  What is your choice within each setting?  This is a must for women undecided about the best choice for them and their baby.

12:00 pm The importance of brain development in the first 5 years

Duration: 20m Presented by: Department for Education and Child Development (DECD)

Jodie Benveniste
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Specialist Speaker: Jodie Benveniste

Did you know that the most important time for building a child’s brain is in the first five years? That’s when there are more brain connections forming than there are stars in the sky.

Fortunately, it doesn’t require more time or expensive toys or classes. There are so many ways to involve your child in everyday activities that help them learn and grow.

In this session, psychologist and parenting author, Jodie Benveniste will share some simple ways to ‘Care’, ‘Learn’, ‘Talk’ and ‘Play’ so you can switch on more and more lights, and help your child enjoy the brightest start…First Five Forever.

12:25 pm Achieving a full nights sleep (for mums and bubs)

Duration: 20m Presented by: Sleep Dr

Dr Bryan Symon
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Specialist Speaker: Dr Bryan Symon

Feeding, sleeping and crying are problems which all mothers face in newborn infants.  Dr Symon has spent 30 years developing evidence based strategies which give mothers insight and control of the childs’ sleep growth.

Dr Symon is an Adelaide trained doctor who specializes in the care of families with young children.  His special interest is infant sleep.  He is an author and his research has been published internationally.



12:50 pm Newborn baby care

Duration: 20m Presented by: Midwives Australia

Donna Mansell
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Specialist Speaker: Donna Mansell Registered Nurse / Midwife and Eligible Midwife (Director MotherNature)

A discussion regarding the normal changes to expect with a newborn.  This will include feeding, settling, nappy rash, cradle cap, colic and reflux.  Donna will demonstrate many  easy techniques  and share lots of helpful tips.

1:35 pm Preventing childhood injuries – safety at home

Duration: 20m Presented by: Kidsafe SA

Holly Fitzgerald
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Specialist Speaker: Holly Fitzgerald (BHSc, BSSc) – Chief Executive Officer, Kidsafe SA

Holly will talk about what the most common and the most serious occurring injuries are to young children in and around the home, how they happen and how they can be prevented.  Over time, new child injury issues arise and Holly will talk about what some of the more current and topical issues are.

2:00 pm Modern cloth nappies - what's all the fuss

Duration: 20m Presented by: Bambooty

Amelia Signh
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Specialist Speaker: Amelia Signh Managing Director, Bambooty

In this Session, Amelia will discuss her own experiences with various types of nappies, including some pros and cons, of using modern cloth vs disposables or old fashioned terry flats. She will physically show and describe to you the options and benefits of a variety of nappy types.

2:25 pm Safe sleeping

Duration: 20m Presented by: Sids & Kids

Dorothy Crosby
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Specialist Speaker: Dorothy Crosby Education Manager SIDS and Kids® South Australia

If you are expecting a baby soon?

This session is one you shouldn’t miss! Our SIDS and Kids educator will provide an interesting and informative talk which will help parents and grandparents learn important information about how to sleep your baby safely.

This includes how to both prepare a safe sleep environment for your baby and learn why it is important. Common concerns that parents have will also be addressed and questions are welcome.

Look forward to seeing you there.

2:50 pm The foundations of learning

Duration: 20m Presented by: Rostrevor College

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Specialist Speaker: Geoff Aufderheide Director Of Junior Campus

An explanation of the planning processes and pastoral/student centred approach we use at Rostrevor College Junior Campus to give boys the best start to their educational journey and life.

We see early intervention and readiness for learning as the foundation upon which we help our boys grow academically, spiritually, socially, emotionally and physically.

We offer a range of evidence based programs that aim to support the early development of the whole person and a clear and intentional focus on literacy and numeracy as the building blocks to an accessible education.

Note: Session times and content subject to change. The views and advice expressed during the talks are those of the speakers and are not representative of the Pregnancy, Babies & Children's Expo.