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Our Visitors Do the Talking!

“The variety of exhibits is fantastic – something to suit everyone”

We are mums now, so had a ball just cruising around, knowing exactly what we were after, without being overwhelmed at all the products on offer. Definitely recommend going back again AFTER having bubs because you have different priorities and notice so much you didn’t when pregnant and focusing just on having a newborn.

The variety of exhibits is fantastic – something to suit everyone. The expo caters very well for mums to be and for those who are already mums, which is important. The exhibitors were very helpful, and not pushy. Great to obtain website information so we can look properly later on when we have time, rather than make decisions on the spot.

Very important when you are at an expo for many hours to be able to get outside and let the kids stretch their legs. Animal nursery a hit, and the helium balloons were a huge hit for our littlies!

We gained some useful child safety advice, from car seats to safety in the home. I would recommend the expo to my friends for some great bargains and ideas. Also handy for country people like us to have many suppliers in the one place for easy shopping.

- Teresa B, Clare


“For first time mums the expo is a must”

I attended with my son who is 2 1/2. For first time mums the expo is a must and its a great day out for family with toddler. This was my first expo. My family and I  were very impressed. Very well laid out with lots of rest areas, The hall felt very spacious. Well cooled, important for pregnant women!!
My son loved the kindergym bouncy mattress area and all of the play areas.

- Aurelie M, Craigburn Farm


“It was nice to just wander around and see what is available”

I attended probably 2 years ago and the expo was much better this year than previous years - better venue, modern stalls and more space to move around. I was pleasantly surprised at the array of activities for toddlers and children and it was nice to just wander around and see what is available.

Both of my children enjoyed the petting zoo but Oscar especially loved the blow up cushion he could run across. Freebies are always good too!

- Georgina G, West Beach


“Stall holders were very helpful and let's face it, I enjoyed the freebies!!”

There seemed plenty of room this time to manoeuvre the stroller through the masses. Most stall holders were very helpful with their information and let's face it, I enjoyed the freebies!!

My son enjoyed the colouring in tables at the playgroup stand, it was a good pitstop, a chance to stretch his legs and interact with others. Unfortunately he wasn't old enough to appreciate the stage shows, maybe next year! Next year he might be big enough to try out the Kindergym activities too.

The stall holders were very helpful and friendly. It's interesting to see new items that have come about and to trial new products before making a purchase, especially on big ticket items.

- Susan L, Morphett Vale


“Being a new Mum, I found there was a lot of very helpful information”

Being a new Mum, I found there was a lot of very helpful information. I went along with my sister and a friend so it was a bit of a social thing.

I have a 13 week old baby and the baby care room was fantastic, it made it so much easier. I also liked the fact that you could try some of the products at the Expo like the jolly jumpers, I put my baby in there and he loved it, I had been wondering about them and after seeing how much fun he had I decided to get one.

The stall holders were fantastic, they were all so helpful and friendly and full of a lot of useful information. I found some great products for colic and stomach upsets, and that you can still use these types of products when you’re pregnant was great to know!

- Rachel L, Seaford


“I enjoyed all the inforamation and so much for Jake to enjoy too!”

I enjoyed the information given out about new or different products. I always look for new things to try with my kids whether it be a product to use or information about e.g. safety for kids.

Jake loved the animal farm and the different set ups around the expo with toys and climbing equipment. I think he liked all those things because he got to have a try or go of something new and different.

If I was having a baby and needed to buy products, furniture, baby things like high chairs, cots etc, this expo would be the place to do it, as most stalls had expo specials, and they really were excellent specials. I wish I had gone in previous years before having my babies.

- Shelley J, Craigmore