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Top tips for doing great pelvic floor exercises

You know that you’re supposed to be doing them but did you know that of all the women doing their pelvic floor exercises (and it’s not nearly enough of us) about 30% are not only doing it wrong, but worse still are actually doing the very opposite? Read

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How do I know if my baby is getting enough breast milk?

It is impossible for breastfeeding mothers to know exactly how much breast milk their baby is getting with each feed. Instead of looking at the volume markers on feeding bottles, it’s necessary to look for other, more subtle signs that your baby is getting enough milk to grow and thrive. Read

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Food for toddlers: Setting your toddler up to eat well for life

The benefits of eating well in the early years are well established, but what does this look like and how can you make sure that your toddler is meeting their requirements? Watch

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Parental leave: know your workplace entitlements

Parents often assume that their rights will be respected and that their employers will happily support them in the life-changing decision to have a child. In reality you need to empower yourself with information on parental leave to protect yourself from unfair and unlawful treatment. Watch