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How to ease pain during pregnancy

The joy of childbirth can be tempered by the onset of mild to severe post-partum pelvic pain, present in 1 in 4 woman and an unwanted side effect that many new mothers will want gone as soon as possible. Medical compression garments can be used to stabilise the pelvis, improve circulation and alleviate pain. Read

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Winning at teeth brushing time!

Pretty much 97% of toddlers, by the time they turn 2.5 years old decide for themselves they have had enough of teeth brushing!!....thank you very much. It started out fun, copying Mum and Dad, playing around with a toothbrush, eating some interesting tasting toothpaste – but now that they are all grown up – it’s over! Read

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How To Be A Good Dad

Any father can learn how to be a good Dad by following these 7 simple steps. Clarity, Self-awareness, Positive Expectation, Letting Go, Gratitude, Acceptance and Relaxation – so that you can connect deeply with your family and have the amazing relationships you deserve. Read